Full Stack Web Developer

I have been working full time in web development since 2009.

A lot of my career has been spent building and integrating systems with CRM’s, shopping carts and lead platforms, on a variety of high traffic sites.

Experienced in the agile development lifecycle including; requirement gathering, feature branching, continuous deployment, software documentation, unit testing and server ops.

I believe every position requires good work ethics and excellent communication.

I’m actively listening and reading web industry resources such as Startups for the Rest of Us, Javascript Jabber podcast, Sitepoint, Sitepen


Technical Experience

Total Web Experience: 8+ Years


Javascript: React + Flux, Dojo, jQuery, Socket.io, twitter bootstrap, zurb foundation

CSS: twitter bootstrap, zurb foundation, SASS, CSS3 (responsive design)


PHP: Laravel, WordPress, Symfony2, Selenium, PHPUnit, Codeception, Memcached, Mysqli, PDO, Doctrine, Eloquent

NodeJS: Mongoose, Socket.io

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Memcache, Redis

Web Server: Apache2, Nginx

Version Control System

Git and SVN


Capistrano, Codeship, Envoyer

Development Environment Software

Vagrant, Virtual Box, VMWare, Puppet, Ansible, Docker Containers


Notable Projects

Here's a few things I've been doing while working in the web industry.

Trinnovations – Full Stack Development

June 15, 2009

Proprietary ORM Library

October 27, 2010

Started working on a very simple ORM built in a proprietary company framework. Some features included: Query object, with a chainable interface. Relational object mapping. Update, insert, on load and other hooks. Able to normalize multiple tables into one model. Ability to manually saturate instances with results from complex queries….

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dGrowl – Dojo Notification Widget

June 3, 2013

dGrowl is a simple notification system similar to the OS X’s Growl notifications. The widget was built with the Dojo 1.8.2 framework. This version takes advantage of the Dojo AMD loader. There is also a similar Dojo widget called a Toaster. dGrowl offers some desired features the Toaster lacked but it may still…

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ImagiFly – Image Processing Library Via a Web Interface

February 24, 2014

ImagiFly is a PHP library that processes images through any number of either predefined or user generated filter effects, that would sequentially be applied on to a single source image through a simple web interface. Mirror images, crop, resize, apply color overlays or whatever you decide to add. This is a…

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Work Experience

Partners In Leadership, as Web Developer & Webmaster

Oct 2014 - current

  • Assisted with integration of various email marketing tools and designs, as well as optimization and deliverability concerns. Working through a major marketing process overhaul, with a number of automation points throughout the marketing funnel.
  • Managed project for migrating company marketing website into a WordPress website, with a complete design and backend overhaul as well as rebranding and redirect strategies.
  • Setup Vagrant boxes for development of the company websites
  • Managed several code repositories inside of Bitbucket
  • Updated and integrated an event registration shopping cart with Authorize.net, Salesforce (CRM), Hubspot (marketing), Eloqua (marketing) and Google Analytics.
  • Setup an automated code deployment process using Envoyer.
  • Error reporting setup with Rollbar.
  • Assisted with CRM (Salesforce) cleanup and maintainance, and special projects
  • Developed several custom WordPress plugins for our shopping cart and other event processes. One of which was shortcode plugin to display upcoming events pulled out of our custom Salesforce objects. Another plugin being a registration widget for the webinars and workshop public forms.
  • Integrated forms with Mailchimp, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Salesforce
  • Built an automated email scrubbing system, to manage responses from marketing emails
  • A number of special projects and maintenance projects for the existing website, such as piloting a new product, fixing bugs, making pages mobile friendly, optimization of page load, web page copy, special internal administrative forms (utilized React) and more.

World Wide Technology Group, as Web Developer II & Project Manager

Jan 2013  –  Oct 2014

  • Wrote and maintained web applications written in PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Git VCS
  • Managed concurrent projects and deadlines
  • Wrote and managed developer requirements
  • Full stack development and architecture design
  • Maintained in-house MVC framework, built on top of LAMP (MongoDB and MySQL) servers
  • Integrated with various API’s, including but not limited to; Stamps,  Limelight CRM, Digital Ocean, SendGrid, Asendia
  • Maintained CRM solutions, affiliate tracking systems, customer support systems, shipping systems, and web store

Freelance, as Web Contractor & Project Manager

Aug 2012  – Jan 2013

  • Wrote and maintained web applications written in PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Maintained and worked on LAMP servers
  • Managed concurrent projects and deadlines
  • Wrote and managed developer requirements
  • Integrated with Google Wallet

Trinnovations, as Web Developer

Jun 2009  – Aug 2012  

  • Wrote and maintained web applications written in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Maintained and worked on LAMP servers
  • Communicated directly with clients, and managed various concurrent projects
  • Utilized SVN and the Git VCS’s
  • Assisted in QA efforts
  • Deployed code releases
  • Resolved critical bugs
  • Managed a small team of developers

Fanbox, as Web Developer Intern

Jan 2009 – Feb 2009

  • Learned basics of ASP and the .NET web framework


Academic Credentials

Degree  Year Institution
H.S. Diploma  2001 Escondido Charter High School

C.S. Major

 2003-2004 South Western Adventist University

C.S. Major

2001, 2004-2008 Palomar Community College